Last images of my SIIA

15. 10. 2000, near Vienna, Austria

I just took some pictures of my 1968 SIIA 109 SW, which is now waiting for a new owner.
I owned this Landy for a little more than 8 years and had a lot of fun and work.

The green 1968 SIIA with white top and big winch really looks good. Behind you can see our VW Golf (1986) and the reason why I sell both: The 2000 Defender 110 !
I will miss all this levers! Large black: Main gearbox. Read: High 2wd / Low 4wd. Yellow: 4wd (for high). Small black: PTO (for winch).
On the left of the air filter there is the non standard fuse box installed by the PO. The 2nd battery was installed by me. The main battery is under the drivers seat.
Both Landys in front of the house of my parents in law.

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