Playing in the sandbox

On 2002-09-21 we got out to play in the sand. The 1st Desert-Day was organized by The event took place about 70km from Vienna in the Slowakei. There are enoumous sand dunes. In the past they where used by the army and later public access was possible for a short time. In the meantime the Slowakei is part of the EU and this area is a nature protection area.
With Doris and me there was our son Florian and Alfred with Claudia in a Honda CRV.
We all took some pictures and many videos.

After an early meeting in Hohenau an der March

we crossed the border to the Slowakei

in a great convoy of about 80 cars

The center of the area is this huge crater.

There are many ways around.

There where small hills

..even for the honda CRV

..and large ones, even for the defender

Just let's try.

How not to recover a car! (Video, 17MB)

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