Testing the Defender offroad

To get a better feeling my wife Doris and I took a 4 day offroad course in our blue Defender 110. With us was Sandra, the daughter of my sister in law, in a RangeRover.
We had great fun. See some of the pictures and videos.
The first 2 days (2001-03-31 and 2001-04-01) we had dry weather.

We started with simple things.
No need to touch the accelerator :-)

RR has a nice axle articulation.

Just a little wet ground, not even noticeabe in the landrover.
A jeep wrangler had to be pulled out!

Also no problem with the rangerover

Up and ..

.. down

looks harmless from outside
but not from inside

again up

and down

Looks not driveable, even in a trecker..

..but we found out it is simple in a LR

This where about 10m height difference

See also a short video (27MB)
On 2001-05-05 the ground were dry but on 2001-05-06 the ground were wet and slippery.

Preparing the RR..

..for greater fun

Doris also had much fun

Here comes the RR..

..and here the LR

The underside of a defender

The underside of a rangerover

Trying to flip a g-waggon

Changeing a tire without a high-lift

In the evening of the 3rd day the damper of the RR was broken

We got a "new" one overnight and started in time

We can't go up there by feet
and it was not so easy by car

When stopping to look for the way I got a problem

The problem was solved by the winch of the g-waggon on the other side of the hill

Now we needed a short break

The defender tries the other hill

A muddy Florian and defender

For serious offroading the steps should be replaced with rock sliders
There is also a 5 minutes Video (64MB) showing a summary of the 4 days. Cut by Walter, the brother of Sandra.
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