263 Reasons to own a LandRover

  1. You can open a beer with the mounting of the grill.
  2. You can always find the way home because of the oil drops on the street.
  3. To get waved at by fellow addicts.
  4. To Hear the GROWL of a V8 and get people to look round thinking its a TVR
  5. The word 'Landrover' says it all when you are late again
  6. To go where no jeep has gone before...
  7. It contains 100 percent user servicable parts! -
  8. Land Rover has no end..
  9. Flat fenders fine for filleting fish
  10. Land Rover´s sind nie ganz, aber auch nie ganz kaputt
  11. the rainy season in the gambia
  12. I can hose it out after a family trip
  13. Because I got my toy train and my mecano set too late in life
  14. Best for having a picknick on top.
  15. Makes an entertaining ride for Santa
  16. You are never bored
  17. Whenever you are feeling lonely you always have your Land Rover.
  18. There is nothing that is a true obstacle for a Land Rover.
  19. Because even after it breaks down it will still get you there. qrover80@aol.com
  20. It is an object of unchanging beauty [eudemian@itl.net
  21. I love checking the petrol and filling up the oil.
  22. Avoid school zones and you'll NEVER get a ticket
  23. As The Beatles sings: "BECAUSE" Verner DLRK, VOR@Dmi.Min.Dk
  24. Because, for all right-thinking people (engineers), function triumphs over form: Land Rover says it all. jimandpeg@msn.com
  25. You can take garden rubbish to the tip without getting spiders in your wifes car!
  26. It takes 7 people with luggage to the Skanderborg Festival just like that. Jens Vesterdahl
  27. Because it'll make you feel good about your old Harley.
  28. Like your wife... your rover will be with you for life...
    bobc@ktvt.com (Bob Chochola)
  29. The bumpy ride makes my girlfriend horny
  30. Your girlfriend will know that you have no time for another girl.
  31. It's good to have a boring girlfriend: you won't hear her babbling. ppinheiro@ip.pt
  32. You know when you start but you don't know when you arrive. cave@club-internrt.fr (Luc Cave)
  33. It's a great place to invest all of that discretionary income.
  34. Just to say that u own/owned one !!!!
  35. It will still run a thousand miles with nothing than sawdust in the gearbox.
  36. Is there somthing else?
  37. In a Land Rover, the other vehicle is your crumple zone (comment on LR list) pwakefie@mail.esrin.esa.it
  38. There is not reason, only feelings
  39. With this toy you can play for hours with your son !
  40. As with any English car, you don't have to explain why your fingernails are always dirty! -Don B. Cely, Atlanta, GA USA
  41. It runs on nearly 2.5 Cylinders through Scotland AND back to Germany, not fast but it runs
    visit http://members.aol.com/roverclub/ (only german)!
  42. You can always get spares no matter where You are (in the world)
  43. The smell of diesel hides that of the oil leaks
  44. No more resprays, just get out the tin of Nato Green!!!
  45. It doesn't matter if the dog shits in the back
  46. You have seen the rest now ...now drive the best....
  47. I Love the way it makes me feel. Kinda Athlete, Whatever 'Cause only Landy Drivers can look at a H*mm*r and still laugh.
  48. New Jersey Cops, New York cabbies and Philly Parking Authority employees are all scared of you. Benjamin, bjschwar@sas.upenn.edu
  49. because all the other idiots who have one have one!
  50. The mother in law never asks for a ride to the mall. (she can't climb that high)
    Bruno Jansen
  51. At least there is something good parked in the street.
    Bruno Jansen
  53. cheaper than a defender or discovery look2r@mb.sympatico.ca
  54. Good question, could somebody describe me how it feels to be in love???kees@att.nl (series 2, 1960, in parts)
  56. no hill too steep, no valley too deep joseph.agius@magnet.mt
  57. The best way to visit Dover is driving in a landrover. Besthunt@dds.nl
  58. You can park on the kerb (which others can't!) Or alternatively, you can try to make a U-turn and drive OVER the kerb!!!
  59. There is nothing more instantly recognisable than a Landy! Especially on the kerb... (IIA '69) mrjones@iafrica.com
  60. My mother cant climb, the land rover do it for her.........
  61. Volvo is not four wheel drived yet.....
  62. In the event of a nuclear war, you can roll your melted window down and ask'where did everybody go?'
  63. Try insuring a 17 year old who's just passed on anything else with a 2.25 engineBecause SIII's must be the only car that a 17 year old can get insured on at under
  64. £1000
  65. My "carabao" is getting tired of plowing the ricefields... lvlparch@globe.com.ph
  66. It's the only vehicle that is truly appreciated by Filipino aetas.....(nicky.....SIIA 88) .....lvlparch@globe.com.ph
  67. Unlike a Porsche, you can drive it to it's limits and never get a ticket! jdh@sextans.lowell.edu
  69. It generates a lot of jobs (mechanics)
  70. I would not drive any thing than a JEEP
  71. Why spend $40,000 on the newest sport utliity today when you can spend this much on a Series IIA over 20 years.
  73. Standing on the roof of a Landrover with a chainsaw is the only way to trim tree
  74. Don't ask me...I own 3 Series 1's...and have no idea why.....Colin....colmar@picknowl.com.au
  75. Hang on!..I've got it!...I own Landrovers because...um...er...I'll get back to you...Colin...colmar@picnowl.com.au
  76. What other vehical looks better with at lest some body damage? cclang@acs.ucalgary.ca
  77. Name another vehicle you can hunt hogs with!
  78. Land Rover: To go where no Jeep has gone before
  79. Because I am allowed
  80. Unlike other cars, dirt only makes it LOOK BETTER
  81. Why cut the lawn when you could kill it with a collection of derelict landrovers Sherpashan@aol.com
  82. because your father tell´s you not, your mother tell´s you not, your girlfriend tell´s you not... but they all whant you to! ppaixao@hotmail.com
  83. jeeps blow
  84. If I wanted to drive a Jeep I'd of Bought one.
  85. The neighbours can hear you coming and know to get out the way.
  86. If you want respect don't drive a sports car drive a landy. Dmccolm810@aol.com
  87. There's nothing like seeing dirt & rock out of the drivers side window & blue sky out the pasenger's
  88. Series IIIs are great for ramming Minis off the road!
  89. Everyone gets out of your way without using your car horn! 1Bishopr@ridingshigh.org
  90. Everyone gets out of your way without using your car horn!
  91. If the Russians can keep 1 going in space for 12 years they must be good.
  92. Because if THE BOMB ever goes off near it, you know it will only scorch the paint a little.
  93. give it a good thrashing offroad when you're bored andrew.fearon@virgin.net
  94. What's a Jeep?
  95. It's one of those pesky things you have to rescue frequently.
  96. It's the only truck that looks good in bright ass yellow.
  97. For the sheer look of enjoyment when you give your wife the keys (once a month)!!!
  98. The only bad thing about driving series rovers is everyone tells your wife where they saw it .
  99. Great way to uproot your neighbours fence while backing down the drive. Didn't feel a thing. gd_herbert@hotmail.com
  100. Because Every Drive Is An Adventure (whether you'll get there or not) Mstockdale@mho.net
  101. Since Spot that tune is no longer on tv. I play SPOT THAT NOISE !!! Brooks.
  102. My kids love it thay call it the boom chook chook mobile.The keys are always in the ignition and no-one has taken it !DUCKTARI@machine.net
  103. Because it's probably the only car I wouldn't break down.
  104. cause he can be already dead and you still can run with round the globe
  105. the oil industrie loves him
  106. Two words, Jeeps SUCK.
  107. Mr. Magoo
  108. What other car can you get layed on a bonnet
  109. Because Krylon is your friend
  110. cos it looks good up to its bonnet in mud and pisses the neighbours off no end when you hose it off again al@landrover.net.uk
  111. because if your father or mother is talking about you and your car: start the engine and you don#t haer anything...
  112. You can enjoy downhill skiing slopes even in the summertime
  113. It is a great practical joke for a fine hotel's parking boy
  114. Is there any cheaper way to feel being a superior being?
  115. Ever seen an unhappy LR enthusiast?
  116. Real men drive Land Rovers. Nerds and sissies don't. So, tell me sunshine, are YOU a real man?
  117. With Lucas (The Prince of Darkness) you pretty soon qualify as an electrician
  118. "Hey Janne, you've been working out? You look good!" "No, I drive a Land Rover."
  119. Shoot a couple of holes to it and claim to be a veteran (pick your favourite war). Everybody believes you!
  120. Because of my poor health I am not qualified to the Army. BUT should a war begin, the Army will gladly take my LR to the action. I'm proud of my car, even though I wouldn't receive any letters from the front.
  121. Its easier than burning money
  122. Some people need VIAGRA, other LAND-ROVER (Ali, `67 SIIA)
  123. Sometimes I don't understand women, but I always understand my landy... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch (LR90, Serie IV)
  124. It's always good to have a friend, who brings you all-trough... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch (LR90 Soft-top, S IV, 1988)
  125. It's a rush to get through everything, everything where other cars end. Floris from Holland (Series IIa 1965)
  126. I love pulling Land-cruisers when they are stuck again, and then their faces when I make it where they failed.Bas from Holland, as well (Series III Lightweight)
  127. A man only needs one thing, the best 4x4 made by Solihull
  128. I love to drive through heavy terrain and return home in the SAME car Floris from Holland (Series IIa 1965)
  129. I love the sound of the V8, especially while waking up the neighbours at 6 a.m. Bas from Holland (Series III Lightweight)
  130. Because the Series LR's are 100% BMW-parts free Bas from Holland (SIII LW)
  131. Land Rover laufen und saufen und laufen und saufen und laufen ... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch
  132. I bought my Landy for my girl-friend and her 4 boys: Three months later she went back to her man. My Landy staid by me and is still going strong. So the result ist: You can trust more in an Land Rover than in a woman. Christopher R. Geoghegan
  133. Man braucht andere Landy Fahrer nicht zu grüßen, man sieht sie doch abends in der Werkstatt...
  134. No Handy in my Landy (man höhrt es doch nicht!) SPP@aon.at
  135. Lieber eine Schlange im Landy, als mit dem Landy in einer Schlange SPP@aon.at
  136. What other car can give you the history lesson, how it must have been in the middle ages, while simply driving to work? b.l.@gmx.net
  137. Just got back from a dune festival here in Namibia. Land Cruiser gets stuck. Cherokee tries to rescue it. Mhm, you guessed it. In vain! This goes on for some time until, finally, a V8 110 comes along and pulls out all 8 of them!!!!!
  138. The fastest route through London is by L-R - no one tries to cut in, but you can just BLEND into that merging traffic... em95jdt@brunel.ac.uk
  139. I want to feel like i'm on an African Safari
  140. I really, really want to own one. I can't wait!
  141. Because you have even more fun driving a Landy than a 'Citroën 2CV' - yves.krippel@mnhn.lu
  142. Dear Land Rover... You and I are getting divorced.... FROM THE WIFE!!! Bas J Holland
  143. My girlfriend always wants to sit naked in my Land Rover, it gives nasty spots!!! Gabriëlle from Holland
  144. In South Africa, taxis grant you immediate respect on the road! hilton@think.co.za
  145. What other vehicle can you convert from a closed car to a cabriolet when cruising to the beach? Floris, Holland, Series IIa 88"
  146. Land Rovers were BORN, not MADE
  147. Better to push a Landy than to drive a Jeep SPP@aon.at http://members.tripod.de/Landrover_107
  148. Do we really need reasons? (Can't wait til i'm old enough to own one - 2 years!!!)
    Why not visit my LR site (http://i.am/landrover.mad)
  149. Landrovers are better than sex!(there a great ride and they dont moan afterwards).
  150. You can always find it in the car park LandyAndy@tesco.net
  151. You teach other road users patience
  152. Land Rover don´t care if you buy Land Rover magazines !!! finger@online.de
  153. because land rover for ever ycolasfr@aol.com
  154. Meine Frau hat gesagt sie wird mich verlassen, wenn ich mir einen Landy kaufe - ich werde sie sehr vermissen! Hans Past SPP@aon.at
  155. A Land Rover doesn't leak oil, it marks it's territory [Floris
  156. it,s nice too look down upon most other road users,esp young women in opentop sport cars!!!.[
  157. Who needs men when you can have a Land Rover
  158. the more you know... (stoertebekker@gmx.de)
  159. you can always find your land rover on a huge parking place in front of a mall. (stoertebekker@gmx.de)
  160. You get to know a lot of people when they help you push Hans
  161. When standing or driving behind a Landrover, you will have every day a full sun eclipse!
  162. Its the BEST HUMMER RECOVERY VEHICLE ... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch
  163. You don't need a joint: enjoy the exhaust and be happy ... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch
  164. It doesn't matter if another car is on your reserved parking place: just drive on it ... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch
  165. On camping holidays the family can sleep on 3 floors: the parents in the roof-tent, the children inside of the car, and the dogs have enough space under the car ... Christopher.Geoghegan@pom.be.ch
  166. It's funny that we're always the leading part of the convoy on the autobahn...Joerg
  167. why not? Rhart10793@aol.com
  168. Geh auf einen Parkplatz und versuche Deinen japanischen Kleinwagen zu finden....
  169. what other vehicle can you bend all the panels and still not care. r.weatherly@ucl.ac.uk
  170. Because my landrover dealer in Germany gave me a delivery time of 13 months. So everybody seems to want one.
  171. The best 4 by 4 by far
  172. because every thing else is just pants
  173. The series Land Rover have no 2000 computer problems!
    Sigfús Kristinsson, Íslandi
  174. one word "cult" finger@online.de
  175. Wer baut sonst fafrikneue Oldtimer ?!?
  176. Weil Du ihn am großen Parkplatz oder in der größten Umnachtung noch findest. sam@magnet.at
  177. it´s better to push a landy, than to drive a jeep
  178. There are more old Landies around than any other make of car..... steven.wallace@gb.co.za
  179. a landrover is so human;- she is never perfect, but is always giving her best! christian.kuranda@blackbox.net
  180. Less trouble than another woman. alan@outsite.freeserve.co.uk
  181. What other kind of car can you be happy when it starts?
  182. you can have 4x4 play! r.p.thompson@herts.ac.uk
  183. I'ts the only car made for the roads in Malta!!!! (psslts@camline.net.mt)
  184. My daughter Emma prefers my old SeriesIII than my brand new saloon car
  185. Never stress over a fender bender, they just add character!! (elidfrogg@hotmail.com)
  186. It's a real PULLING machine!
  187. With a gas guzzling V8 engine I can feel that i am doing my bit for the greenhouse effect and improve the British Summertime! markguvnor@aol.co.uk
  188. They're reliable, look sexy (in the right light), look fab in a mud pack, they can be easily be maintained, they don't get jealous when you look at another land rover, you can enjoy more than one land rover at a time, a landrover doesn't have in-laws, you won't get it pregnant, it won't call you from a police station when it has been picked up by the police, you can play under it's hood for hours and not be called a pervert and finally... you can get a double bed in the back of a lwb! markguvnor@aol.co.uk
  189. I have done just about everything with a Landy in Kenya over the last 9 years, then I moved to Australia, NO Land Rover, my disease "Roveritis" is at its peak now
  190. I managed to find an ex military S1...thank God, its getting my illness back in control
  191. They are a living, breathing, creature.....just like you and me....they see and hear everything.....
  192. Over 80% of all Landies ever born since the very beginning.....are still alive. That means it must be the very best in the world
  193. I knew an American that was converted in less than one mile
    in Kenya
  194. A men have to got a hobby !! inge.
  195. It's all about POWER (lslater@iwon.com)
  196. You always know what to do on week-ends! Repair your Land-Rover
  197. It's the first and last truck I will ever own
  198. Cos it's a great excuse for coming home late, or for getting out of the house, and you don't have to spend wads 'o' dosh at theme parks, jus take the kids out for a drive in it they enjoy it more. stronmar@lineone.net
  199. ...just because you love it...
  200. Driving on the Black Rock Desert & eating Rattle Snake stakes off the tail gate while sipping a beer in Northern Nevada USA. It just doesn't get any better then that. rover@moondog.net
  201. A LR is like a HD (harley) with 4 wheels and a roof gprestie@yahoo.com
  202. As a girl once said "You have a landy? Can I have a ride?" Rob.
  203. There is no good reason not to!! Rob.
  204. The Landy is indestructible. Ever part is widely available, if it gets worn out just rebuild it and it is good as new!! (No other vehicle can say that) Rob.
  205. 'Cos it's all just me, me, me, me, me.........and my LANDY! cdavis@ireland.com
  206. Simply *The PERFECT* creature for the Concrete Jungle!(Boston)- Jyst68@yahoo.com
  207. the best motor to take the wife shopping in as you cant hear her nagging you to go here and there as the noise drives her daft but give you total peace
  208. It's the only car that you bring in to have a valve job every 15,000 miles. hcagin@worldnet.att.net
  209. Because you're filled with self-loathing and feel the need to be tortured and punished.
  211. It's not just a vehicle..........IT'S AN ADVENTURE!!! tmaurer@sunwave.net (1958 107" Ute)
  212. Speed kills, drive a landie and live forever!!!! peterf@murrob.co.ae
  213. Du musst nicht verrückt sein, um einen Landy zu fahren, aber es erleichtert die Sache ungemein! wolfireznicek@hotmail.com
  214. You can get road head and no one else will see you!
  215. When a young blond female drives by in a rover all the guys look
  216. Every body says my rover looks like a "happy meal on wheels" I love Mcdonalds
  217. I'd like to see 216 reasons on any OTHER car's site.
  218. you can called you a rich man because gas more expensive than diesel petrol
  219. The ONLY car that will get you home held together with tie wire and electrical tape! anne_pinto@barrick.com.au
  221. All you need to fix it is JB Weld, Duct Tape, & Sticks... Oh wait, this is a Rover post not Jeeps... :P jmichaels@interpelxtechnologies.net
  222. If you need to ask, you would never understand !
  223. It is just never over in a Range Rover!! neudeckerrobert@hotmail.com, UK
  224. you can test your patience while waiting for gear box parts--tscars@direcway.com
  225. Because unlike those things they call jeeps, you don't see one at every intersection. (danarmbruster31@hotmail.com)
  226. If it's good enough for GOD, It's good enough for me!
    Barclay, from Canada
  227. CV5 9FB
  228. CV5 9FB
  229. It's great when you want to change lanes...Just indicate and a space will suddenly appear as if by magic !!! SIII & V8 Disco owner pjfrith@hotmail.com
  230. In a V8i, its good fun watching the rev counter go one way.......and the fuel gauge go the other!!!! SIII & V8 Disco owner pjfrith@hotmail.com
  231. Revving a V8 is great for rocking your kids to sleep on the back seat!! SIII & V8 Disco owner pjfrith@hotmail.com
  232. You feel proud to trip a speed camera in a SIII SIII & V8 Disco owner pjfrith@hotmail.com
  233. 720 degree roll and 180 degree spin combo and still drives away
  234. There is easilly enough space in the back of the 110 to shag the brains out of your girlfreind.
  235. Lara Croft drives one!
  236. Because Hummers are SHIT!!!!!!!!
  237. When your having a jolly old shag, the suspension help the ride.
  238. U don't need viagra to enter steep valleys in this thing! edjohn_zombie@hotmail.com
  239. It's got a little red bin to hold you condoms in.
  241. 4x4 drivers make four time better lovers! even in lower gear (werner.passemier@pandora.be)
  242. I love the smell of 90 weight in the morning. Obodude@aol.com
  243. All series trucks have factory anti lock brakes, duel windscreen air conditioners, and an adjustable horn pitch. Obodude@aol.com
  244. Because I leant to drive in a landy
  245. the brakes make it fun to drive, different from one day to the next
  246. you can make you own and there are just mint!!!!!! any one say any differnt then just e-mail me wlsteel@hotmail.com
  247. any one want a good weekend out just ask we do advenntures wlsteel@hotmail.com
  248. in england only £60 wlsteel@hotmail.com
  249. LandRover first 'cause LandRover lasts! wot a cool site, Landys aren't cool Oui_perri@hotmail.com
  250. .....they're bloody scorching especially after 50 miles driving Oui_perri@hotmail.com
  251. Cos I managed to burn my leg on the inside of the cab haha Oui_perri@hotmail.com
  252. Other Cars can go fast, but my Landy can go anywhere
  253. because, not only can you survive flipping it end over end and rolling it three times in the same crash, you only need a rusty iron standard to prize the body panels off the wheels and you can drive it to the garage where.....IT CAN ACTUALLY BE FIXED.
  254. number 8 fencing wire and a screw driver is all you ever need to use to get an extra 20 miles out of it,
  255. Landy's leed and jeeps (choke) follow and did you guys notice that they dont rust, must be that amazing metal called aluminium,and chicks dig guys in a land rover ec1@africangabions.co.za
  256. Land Rovers are nice and high...ideal for checking out the girl next to you at the robots legs .....
    For those in foreign country's a robot is a traffic light.....
  257. because land rovers are cheap and not worth much
  258. because i like running over my brothers bag in it!!! Carleyhollier@aol.com
  259. I am 17 and can get insured on a TDi, how cool is that.
  260. 2 days of ownership and my horn has bust? any better quality from other vehicles? i think not
  261. I enjoy the feeling of hitting my head on the steering column
  262. You can't not hurt your self whilst driving the thing
  263. It may be old and slow but it will live longer than you